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Don Holton


As many of you know I have really become interested in Thunderbirds. I have always liked the 1972-76 Luxury T-Birds, but now have a Special Interest in the much Sportier and trimmer 1977-79 T-Birds. The 1987-88 Turbo and Sport Coupes also hold my interests as well as the 1989-97 MN12 T-Birds that Ford so abruptly abandoned.

While being a Ford fanatic, not all of my toys are limited to the Blue Oval Camp! I am a member of many car clubs: the International Thunderbird Club, the Ford Galaxie Club of America, the Buick Club of America, the AACA, the Marquette Owners Registry for Enthusiasts and our Local club the NY-PA Twin Tiers Vintage Car Club to name a few!

Gran Torino Sport
Grand Torino

Closely related to and being the base chassis for the 1977-79 T-Birds are the 1972-73 Torinos.


Besides having an interest in Thunderbirds and Torinos, I was infected at a very young age by my parents with my love for convertibles! When I was growing up we had a new Sunliner or Galaxie 500 XL convertible every couple of years and boy was I spoiled! I wish that I could track down a few that we used to own!

Buick Marquette

Last but by far not least, is the labor of my love! The Marquette was built by Buick for starting in June of 1929 for the 1930 Model year but by years end it became an orphaned make along with Viking (Oldsmobiles Companion cars) and Oakland (that was replaced by its own companion car Pontiac!)