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1977-79 Thunderbird Recognition and Decode Guide to the Most Popular & Personalized Thunderbird Ever

The 1977-79 Thunderbird is the most popular Thunderbird run of all time! There were nearly a million produced during that short 3 year run!  Adding to that popularity was the fact that this was also the most personalized version of the Thunderbird ever produced.  Anyone could order their car from bare bones to full blown […]


American Custom Coachworks

After the whirlwind love affair with the American Convertible of the 1950’s and 60’s, time was running out on the American built convertible by the mid 1970’s.  As most know, Cadillac ended the ‘production’ run of factory convertibles with its behemoth 1976 “Bicentennial Edition” Cadillac Eldorado convertible (final 200 produced were all identically prepared Bicentennial […]

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Lucky, Our ACC Thunderbird Convertible

To start this off here is a little bit of history on my quest for an ACC Thunderbird Convertible. Back in June of 1979 Motor Trend ran an article on Mega Buck Motoring that included custom-built convertibles. Seems the public was tired of the status quo and limited runs of what ever custom vehicles the public wanted […]


The One Millionth Thunderbird

Everything was special about the One Millionth Thunderbird.  Still owned by a member of the International Thunderbird Club (ITC).  There were few items left off the order sheet when this car was completed!  The deluxe hub caps had been disassembled and the inside panel under the fins was painted with the same Special  Gold paint […]


How Does One Get a Retro T-Bird Hardtop from CA to NY?

The question:  How does one get a Retro Bird Hardtop from CA to NY without costing an arm and a leg?  The Answer: Have a CA to NY Hardtop relay comprised of various owners heading in the direction you need the top to be moved!  Cost the price of the top, shipping oh such a […]

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5:00 pm Troy, PA – Troy Town Cruisers (...
Troy, PA – Troy Town Cruisers (...
Sep 26 2017 @ 5:00 pm – Jan 23 2018 @ 7:00 pm
Troy Town Cruisers  (Season 7) starts Tuesday May 30  EVERY Tuesday through September 26 from 5-8pm @ First Citizens Community Bank, Troy, PA. Food provided by Chamber of Commerce; local restaurants; Moose’s Ice Cream. Cars[...]