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To Judge? Or Not to Judge

With the vast number and wide variety of car show events vying week to week for participants, the issue of judging can make or brake any car show! Sad to say, but for many car show participants, there is an air of stress at the simplest mention of the word JUDGING! Currently there are a wide spectrum of events available all with their own merits and problems related to judging, all having their place in the Car Culture Community! The range actually stretches from Non Judged to Spectator Choice / Participant Pick to the most involved Team Judged events. The main factor that needs to be addressed is keeping an event FUN for the participants and judges alike.

Many organizations (Car Clubs and Civic Groups) who host car shows have opted to hand out random cash awards, billing their event as a Non-Judged “Fun Meet”. This allows all participants to have an equal chance at driving home with cold hard cash rather than going through the judging process. This process saves a lot of the hosting organizations time and energy from physically inspecting each vehicle, processing each of the judging sheets then coordinating a trophy presentation at the end of the event and dealing with any complaints of “why didn’t I receive an award”. See in the next section my fix to a vast majority of the complaints. The only real downside to this type of event, is Non-Judged events lack of competition.

There are still those participants who live for the competition side of an event, where the best vehicles are awarded on their merits as decided by a judging body. The simplest of these would be Spectator Choice and Participant Judging. Both are about the same, however both have been questioned by many as actually being a good old boy, buddy system at work! While I do admit that this “could” be the case, I find that the majority of either spectators or participants who are judging are honest car hobbyists or car enthusiasts. They go out and judge honestly see either what they like in the spectators case or actually the best vehicles by the participants. As mentioned in the positive side of the Non Judged “Fun Meet”, there is the likely hood of complaints resulting from the judging. As a chief judge at a local show and In an attempt to keep the peace “I” had a an ace in the hole to make an unhappy entrant less unhappy with the days events. The ace you ask… well I kept four honorable mention award just in case the situation arose at the end of the event with an unhappy participant. I would call it a Win – Win the owner left happy, and will more than likely return the following year.

Then there is Team Judging. This type of judging is usually the format used by the majority of the National Clubs, Marquis Specific Clubs and Concours D’Elegance events. This could be noted as the most stressful of all of the forms of judging discussed here. One thing to remember by both judges and participants is that a Judging Team can be a formidable presence. I suggest the judging team act in a friendly manner with the participants and thank the owners for bringing their pride and joy to the event! For those new participants to this style of judging, it can even be a bit overwhelming. I do have a few suggestions for a new “Judged” Car Show participant to lessen the stress and help in making it what it should be all about, the fun. First, the entrant should read the information provided regarding the judging of an event either in the clubs publication or website. I would also suggest the owner have a knowledgeable yet impartial friend walk their car and noting any problem area and correcting them. Any owner can become a bit jaded so fresh disinterested eyes could spot that drip from the transmission, grease over flowing from a fitting or cob webs hanging from the exhaust. Last but clearly not least, I would suggest that the entrant go to the club judging seminar, judges training and or participant orientation to get a clear feel for what the judges are looking for. With these tasks completed, it should relieve a lot of the “unknown” Stress, making this what it should be a fun event. After the show is completed I also suggest the owner contact the host of the event and request a copy of the judges sheet for what areas need correction so they can work on those items for future events.

With these few suggestion, I would hope that the entire car show experience could become a FUN experience for both the participants and the judges alike!

April 11, 2012 in Car Shows
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Upstate NY Collector Car Guys/Gals Dream Restoration Garage/Home Available!

I just received an e-mail on an interesting “Car” Property available in the Rochester NY area. The current owner is retiring and moving out of the area. He has a great shop where he Restores Cars. This is the link to the property: Auto Buff Dream Home  So if your looking to move to or want to upgrade your location in the Rochester NY area this may be the property to fit your needs as a car enthusiast!  The property has a large insulated pole barn with heat, concrete floor, water, electric and an explosion proof vent system. The owner is willing to negotiate the lifts that are currently in place. There is also a paint station in one corner of the building. This is a premium property for a car collector, restorer or specialty dealer. If your interested in this property contact Gini and let her know that you saw the post on my blog and feel free to cc me on the contact.

Goodman Realty
Gini Denninger, Broker
56 Selye Terrace
Rochester, NY 14613
Goodman Realty NY


March 19, 2012 in Car Shows
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The Green Flag is in hand to kick off the 2012 Cruise-In / Cruise Night Season!

Hi all

I am currently looking to update my Cruise Night Calendar for  NY – PA – NJ Region for the 2012 Season !  So if your club is hosting a Cruise Night or you know of any confirmed Cruise Nights for 2012 please forward the information to me direct  topsdown@holtononline.com.  Summer’s Cruise nights have become as American as Apple Pie, so lets keep this piece of Americana  alive and well for the 2012 season!    Always looking for new and interesting ways to promote the hobby!

Here is wishing each and everyone out there a SAFE and DRY Cruise Night and Car Show Season!


March 7, 2012 in Car Shows
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Major update to the sites appearance completed!

Hi all

Feel free to take a look at the new updates made to the overall web site which my wife just completed.  Feel free to tell me what you think on this blog!


Don Holton

February 26, 2012 in Car Shows
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Building the ultimate source for Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, Edsel and Ford Truck Club’s and Ford Registries on the web!

How about a solid list of Ford Car Clubs?  I will be continuing to provide  information for the most complete list of  Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, Edsel and Ford Truck Clubs on the net :


Along that same line I also have compiled  a list of specific Ford Registries:


So if you happen to know of any other International, National, State or local Ford Car Clubs or Ford Registries, free to send the information along to:  Don Holton  e-mail: topsdown@holtononline.com  or you may contact me directly through my site:  www.holtononline.com.  All comments are welcome and thanks for stopping by.

February 24, 2012 in Car Shows

Blue Oval events calling one and all to list the Ford events on the World Wide ALL Ford Car Show Calendar

Hi all

Just a quick follow up to the previous listing!  No matter what Ford product you drive: Ford, Lincoln, Mercury or Edsel this is clearly the spot for you from Model A to Zephyr!  Being a life long Ford fanatic, I have been keeping the World Wide ALL Ford Car Show Calendar  for many years now.

I am attempting to add additional Ford, Lincoln, Mercury and Edsel events as well as content in 2012!  Here is the site URL: http://holtononline.com/ford.html

So far I have added hundreds of shows to this site,  but I am looking for many more for 2012.  Feel free to contact me by e-mail: topsdown@holtononline.com  or you can contact me directly through the main website:  www.holtononline.com

Thanks for stopping by and I hope that you can use this Calendar and information during the Ford Car Show Season.

Don Holton


February 23, 2012 in Car Shows
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Spring’s, just about Sprung; NY – PA – NJ Car Shows are FAST Approaching!

For the vast majority of Motor Heads in the NY – PA – NJ region, gears are already shifting, awaiting Springs arrival with the kick off of the 2012 Car Show & Cruise-In Season!  Old Man Winter spared the vast majority of the North East when he arrived without his bag and baggage of white blankets, nor Wintery bite.  Now is the time to look forward to the warm months ahead after the Winter that was not!

I have been adding shows at record a pace to my expanded NY – PA Car Show Calendar now including NJ events and various National Events of interest:  http://holtononline.com/carshows.html
You will find hundreds of confirmed shows already posted for the region!

So if you happen to know of any other Automotive: Shows, Flea Markets, Swap Meets, Auctions, Cruise-Ins, Conventions or any type of Automotive display, free to reply below or send the information along to:  Don Holton  e-mail: topsdown@holtononline.com  or you may contact me directly through my site:  www.holtononline.com.  All comments are welcome and thanks for stopping by.

February 22, 2012 in Car Shows
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