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1979 Thunderbird Production Information
Total production 284,141

Chicago IL production was 208,248 (code G)

Los Angles, CA production was 75,893 (Code J)

There were also 1,752 built in Canada!

1979 Factory Pricing


Base Thunderbird $5,877.00

with T-Roof Option No Link

Town Landau $8,866.00

Heritage Edition $10,687.00

Owner: Unknown

Owner: **


1979 Engine Information

Code F 302 2bbl, 133 hp
Code H* 351W 2 bbl, 142 hp
Code H* 351M 2 bbl, 151 hp
*Again for 1979 there seems to be no code break down between the 351 M and 351 W. You must check the valve cover engine family decal to determine which one you have.

1979 Thunderbird Paint Codes

Link to full page 1979 paint chip sheet

1C Black
9D Polar White
2M Dark Red
3L Midnight Blue Metallic
1G Silver Metallic
46 Dark Jade Metallic
8N Dark Cordovan Metallic
5P Pastel Chamois
12 Light Gray
3F Light Medium Blue
1N Dove Gray
83 Light Chamois
2J Maroon (Heritage Only)
3H Medium Blue Glow *
5N Burnt Orange Glow *
8W Chamois Glow*
7L Light Jade Glow *
2H Red Glow*
*All Glow colors are extra cost options!

Specific Heritage Information

6 Exterior monochromatic colors have been documented for the 1979 Heritage editions:
Maroon with Maroon padded vinyl roof and Red luxury interior.
Light Medium Blue with Light Medium Blue padded vinyl roof and Blue luxury interior.
Polar White with padded Polar white vinyl roof and Red luxury Interior or Blue luxury interior.
Red Glow with Maroon padded vinyl roof and Red luxury interior
Midnight Blue Metallic with light medium Blue padded vinyl roof and Blue luxury interior
Pastel Chamois with Maroon padded vinyl roof with Red luxury interior

Heritage Paint Codes

2J Maroon
3F Light Medium Blue
9D Polar White
2H Red Glow
3L Midnight Blue Metallic
5P Pastel Chamois

2 Exterior Two Tone combinations have been documented on the 1979 Heritage.  The Two Tone combination was above and below body side molding.

Heritage Two Tone Paint Codes

9D2J Polar White over Maroon
5P2J Pastel Chamois over Maroon


1979 Red Heritage


1979 Maroon Heritage
Niagara Falls, NY 1998

Light Medium Blue T-Roof Heritage Owner By: Tim Brewer, Pear Miss.

Polar White Heritage
Owned By: Vic Prokop, Endicott NY

Heritage Pin Stripe Codes (build sheet only)

9 Gold stripe (on Maroon and Polar White Heritages)
5 Dark Blue stripe (on Light Medium Blue Heritages)

Heritage Vinyl Roof Codes

YD Valino Maroon padded vinyl roof (Y in code is for Valino grain vinyl roof )
Y2 Valino Light Medium Blue padded vinyl roof (Y in code is for Valino grain vinyl roof)
Y4 Valino White padded vinyl roof

Heritage Trim Codes

TD Luxury Dark Red cloth
UD U-Soft Dark Red leather
TB Luxury Blue cloth
UB U-Soft Blue leather

1979 Thunderbird Literature

1979 Ford Car Facts book (various revisions during year)
1979 Ford Color and trim selection
1979 Thunderbird Sales Brochure (dated on back cover)
1979 Thunderbird Heritage Sales Brochure
1979 Edition of Car Buying Made Easier

1979 Thunderbird Ads

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1977-79 Thunderbirds in Miniature

Photo By: Jeff Foose

Sorry, no link

Tommy (Aurora) AFX put out an HO scale 1978 race car #12 and #20 in several different color combinations

Lindberg put out a 1/32 scale 1977-78 Thunderbird model kit.

There was also a 1/24 Resin cast 78/79 Diamond Jubilee/Heritage style race car body.