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1978 Thunderbird Information:
Total production 352,752

Chicago IL production was 260,792 (code G)

Los Angles, CA production was 91,959 (code J)

Of this a total 18,994 were Diamond Jubilee Editions between the two assembly plants.


1978 Factory Pricing

David Yerly's<BR>78 Town Landau

Base Thunderbird $5,411.00

Town Landau $8,420.00

Diamond Jubilee Edition $10,106.00

Ford factory photo from: Mark Leclerc

Owner: David Yerly

Owner: Unknown


1978 Engine Information

Code F 302 134 hp 2bbl V-8 (base engine)
Code H* 351 W 144 hp 2 bbl
Code H* 351 M 152 hp 2 bbl
*For 1978 there does seem to be some mix up or no break down between the 351 W and 351 M engines. Both the 351 W and 351 M are listed as Code H from the factory. You must check the valve cover engine family decal to determine which one you have. I have found this on my own cars that were purchased new and have been in the family since 1978!
Code S 400 M 166 hp 2bbl


1978 Thunderbird Paint Codes

Link to full page 1978 paint chip sheet

1C Black
1G Silver Metallic
1N Dove Gray
3A Dark Midnight Blue
3U Light Blue**
46 Dark Jade Metallic
5Y Ember Metallic **
5Q Dark Brown Metallic
81 Russet Metallic
83 Light Chamois (Town Landau only)
8Y Light Champagne Metallic **
9D Polar White
86 Pastel Beige
3V Burnt Blue Glow *,**
7L Light Jade Glow *,**
8W Chamois Glow*, ** Diamond Jubilee only
3E Diamond Blue
5Y Ember Metallic
*All Glow colors are extra cost options
** Not available on Town Landau


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Specific Diamond Jubilee Information

So here goes the revised list of paint, vinyl roof and interior combinations (with the appropriate codes for each)


Diamond Jubilee Paint/Vinyl Roof and Trim Combinations
Diamond Blue Metallic/Diamond Blue vinyl roof and interior (cloth)
Ember Metallic/Ember vinyl roof and Chamois interior (cloth)
Late or Spring color options:
Pastel Beige/Ember vinyl roof and chamois interior (cloth or leather)
Polar White/Diamond blue vinyl roof and interior (cloth or leather)
Polar White/Ember vinyl roof and chamois interior (cloth or leather)


A link to “Ford Times” September 1978 Diamond Jubilee reproduced article


Leather trim was available on the Spring Edition Diamond Blue, Ember Metallic and Polar White Diamond Jubilee’s, with a time frame of early March 1978. The late or Spring Edition also appears to be when the T-Roof Convertible option (See T-Roof Convertible section below) became available. The T-Roof Convertible option was available on the Diamond Jubilee Edition!


Diamond Jubilee Paint Codes

3E Diamond Blue Metallic
5Y Ember Metallic
9D Polar White
86 Pastel Beige


Diamond Jubilee

1978 Diamond Blue Jubilee

Don Holton

Ember Metallic Jubilee

Owner Unknown

Polar White

Owner Unknown

Sorry no link

Pastel Beige

Hershey AACA – 1986

Owner Unknown


Diamond Jubilee Vinyl Roof Codes

YZ Valino Diamond Blue padded vinyl roof (Y in code is for Valino grain vinyl roof)
YC Valino Ember padded vinyl roof
A typical example of a Diamond Jubilee paint code would be: 3EYZ (which includes the vinyl roof code.)


Diamond Jubilee Trim Codes

TB Luxury Blue cloth
UB U-Soft Diamond Blue leather (other possible code is SB)
TT Luxury Chamois cloth
UT U-Soft Chamois leather (other possible code is ST)


1978 Thunderbird Literature:

1978 Ford Car Facts book various revisions during year including November 1977, Jan 1978, Mar 78 (T-Roof Convertible).
Ford Times Apr. 1978 pg 31-33, 1978 Ford Buyers Digest Section on Thunderbird
Ford Times Sept.1978 pg 32-36 A Jewel of a car article on the Diamond Jubilee
1978 Ford Color and trim selection.
1978 car exterior color selections sheet 6-20-77
1978 Thunderbird Sales Brochure (dated 8/77 on back cover)
1978 Thunderbird Sales Brochure (dated 1/78 on back cover includes T-Roof option)
1978 Edition of Car Buying Made Easier
1978 Owners Manual 1st printing
1978 Owners Manual 2nd printing includes T-Roof Convertible option operating information.



1978 Thunderbird Ad

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T-Roof Convertible 1977*-78-79

Cars and Concepts 1977 Brochure

The factory installed T-Roof Convertible option was a mid year addition to the option list. The T-Roof conversion appears to have been completed by Cars & Concepts and was added to the Fords own factory option list after producing Thunderbird T-Roofs in 1977 through Cars & Concepts own “Dealer Network”. The mid year option addition of the T-Roof Convertible also sparked a revised 1978 Thunderbird brochure dated 1-78. The time frame of the “factory” T-Roof Convertible production availability was scheduled beginning March 1, 1978 at the Chicago Assembly plant and March 27 for the Los Angles assembly plant.


1978 T-Top


My 1978 T-Roof

Tim Brewer, Pearl, Miss. ’79 Heritage T-Roof