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1977 Thunderbird Information
Total production 318,144

Chicago IL production was 235,884 (code G)

Los Angles, CA production was 82,256 (code J)

1977 Factory Pricing

1977 Base Thunderbird

1977 Town Landau

Base Thunderbird $5,063.00

1977 1/2Town Landau $7,990.00

1977 Postcard

1977 Postcard

1977 Engine Information and Codes

Code F 302 130 to 137 hp 2bbl V-8 (base engine)
Code H 351 W 149 hp 2 bbl
Code Q 351 M 161 hp 2 bbl
Code S 400 M 168 to 173 hp 2bbl (Standard on Town Landau)

1977 Thunderbird Paint Codes

Link to full page 1977 paint chip sheet

Link to full page 1977 interior color sheet

1C Black
1G Silver Metallic
1N Dove Gray
2M Dark Red
2U Lipstick Red
3G Dark Blue Metallic
46 Dark Jade Metallic
5Q Dark Brown Metallic
6P Cream
8K Bright Saddle Metallic
8Y Champagne
9D Polar White
86 Pastel Beige (Town Landau only)
3V Burnt Blue Glow (early)*
7L Light Jade Glow (early)*
2Y Rose Glow*
8W Chamois Glow*
*All Glow colors are extra cost options!

1977 Thunderbird Literature:

1977 Ford Car Facts book (various revisions during year).
1977 Ford Color and trim selection.
1977 Thunderbird Sales Brochure
1977 Thunderbird Landau Sales Brochure
1977 Edition of Car Buying Made Easier

Dash Plaque

All 1977-79 Town Landau, 1978 Diamond Jubilee and 1979 Heritage Editions had this 24k plated dash plaque which personallized each of these luxury editions.