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Red Thunderbird

The 1977-79 Thunderbird set all time sales records for the entire Thunderbird model run from 1955-1997! Being the most popular T-Bird of all time, with just under 1 Million being produced during it’s short 3 year run (956,789 to be exact) and with its close family ties to the 1972-76 Torino/Montego, 1974-76 Elite, and the 1974-79 Cougar, it has been predicted to make this series a pop hit with collectors! Parts availability should remain high and their popularity should continue to gain ground. Even with the number produced, the range of special editions, and such sport options as: bucket seats with console, Sports Decor groups and the T-Roof Convertible options are enough to keep most cars UNIQUE IN ALL THE WORLD! Keeping this in mind, I am keeping an informal list of 77-79 Thunderbirds with emphasis on the Town Landau, Diamond Jubilee, T-Roof Convertible and Heritage editions. In the future I plan to make this a formal effort with a possible owners group being formed. If you would like your car added to the list e-mail me

Suggestive reading for anyone interested in Thunderbirds is the book T-Bird 40 Years of Thunder by John Gunnell. Some of the production figures from this page came directly from this book. You can view additional information on 1977-79 Ford Thunderbird that also came from this publication at Tim site for  77-79 Ford Thunderbird .

If you like your 1977-79 Thunderbirds fast you might want to check out Steve Shaffers highly modified Pro Street 77 T-Bird .
If your looking for PARTS for a 1977-79 Thunderbird, feel free to contact me as I have a few pieces kicking around including some N.O.S. or I may be able to locate what you need!

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