September 21, 2017

Car Show Calendars
Hershey PA – October 4 – 7, 2017 – Buick Club of America Hospitality Tent Space GBK 36-37 @ Hershey Park - Green Field
Oct 4 – Oct 7 all-day

Hershey PA – Buick Club of America hospitality tent GBK 35-37 “Buick Spoken HERE” Members stop by and sign in and rest your weary feet! Hershey Green Field

Hershey PA – October 4 – 7, 2017. The MARQUETTE Owners Registry for Enthusiasts (M.O.R.E.) @ Hershey Park Green Field
Oct 4 – Oct 7 all-day

Hershey, PA – The 1929-30 Series 30 – Built by Buick – MARQUETTE and early 1931 Buick Series 50 Owners & Enthusiasts … The MARQUETTE Owners Registry for Enthusiasts (M.O.R.E.) will be in our new spaces in the GREEN FIELD (BEHIND the Buick Club of America) in Spaces GBJ 36-37.

Stop by during the Largest Antique Automobile Flea Market and Car Show in the World!!!

M.O.R.E. Marquette Owners Registry for Enthusiasts invites Any and ALL  MARQUETTE OWNER TO STOP BY DAILY any time or as a group as follows:

M.O.R.E. Meeting TUESDAY – WEDNESDAY – THURSDAY at 3:00 pm –

I will have ALL of my MARQUETTE information, sales brochures, Memoriblia, and photo book etc. with me at the space!

e-mail: or